FastRack Wine Bottle Drying And Storage System

FastTrack Wine Bottle Drying Tree
FastTrack Wine Bottle Drying Tree

This wine bottle racking system is brilliantly designed for the organized winemaker.   Are you a little frustrated with using your bottle drying tree for drying the bottles you use in wine making?

The FastRack wine bottle drying system consists of two FastRack drying racks which are made of heavy duty plastic that securely holds and stores 12 wine bottles or those larger artisan style beer bottles.  This system offers dependable draining, excellent drying, and convenient storage.  Each rack or “level” of FastRack is about the same size as a regular case of beer.  The rack holds the wine bottles securely and collects any water drips so your floor doesn’t get soaked underneath like when using a traditional wine bottle tree. Buying a pair of these holds up to two dozen wine bottles in one place for completely convenient and hassle free wine bottle drying.   The best part is that the system is modular, meaning you can buy additional FastRack wine bottle drying racks in the future and stack them right on top of your existing racks.

FastRack Wine Bottle Drying And Storage System:

  • Made of plastic in the USA.
  • Each FastRack bottle drying rack will hold 12 wine bottles or large beer bottles.
  • Drying racks are dishwasher safe.
  • FastRack Tray Dimensions: 12 7/8″L x 9 3/4″W x 3 3/8″H.
  • FastRack Drying Rack Dimensions: 11 5/8″L x 8 3/8″W x 4 1/4″H
  • Holds: 24 – Wine Bottles – 26oz (750ml) or 24 – Bomber/Belgian Bottles – 22-26oz (650ml-750ml).
  • Includes: Two FastRack wine bottle drying racks and a drying tray.